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Maybe you've been told that making your own cleaning products is so easy? But where do you start? Maybe it's easy once you get started, but getting started can seem like a hurdle. Let us take the hurdle out of it for you!

We'll show you some simple ways to make scrubs, surface cleaners and window cleaners out of natural products like vinegar and baking soda. We'll also talk about essential oils that are wonderful to use as disinfectants, anti-bacterials and insecticides, all while making your house smell wonderful and clean.

At this workshop you will get to make a jar of scrub, a bottle of surface cleaner and window cleaner to take home.

Pre registration and payment are necessary to attend our workshops. Register at least 3 days before the workshop and receive 10% off any soap making supplies that you purchase on the night of the workshop. All of our workshops include a handout with recipes.

7pm to 8pm

Natural Cleaning Products Workshop April 6 2018

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