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This set of 7 perfume roll ons is divine. Created to help enhace our awareness of chakra balanace and bring consciousness to the sublte world of spirit.

All of the perfumes come in a glass roll on and are in a base of organic jojoba oil.  The package comes with an uplifting leaflet describing the relationship between essential oils and our chakras.


Muldhara Root Chakra - patchouli, sweet orange, bergamot & clove bud

Svadhisthana Sacral Chakra - pink grapefruit, black pepper, rose geranium, basil & neroli

Manipura Solar Plexus Chakra - rosewood, cedarwood, lavender & sweet orange

Anahata Heart Chakra - roseamary, rose, vetiver & coriander

Vishuddha Throat Chakra - jasmine, clary sage, palo santo & cypress

Ajna Third Eye Chakra - frankincense, juniper & chamomile

Sahasrara Crown Chakra - sandalwood, myrrh & carrot seed

Perfume roll ons are also sold seperately for $22 each and are 10ml each.

Chakra Perfume Roll On Set

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