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Have you got Questions about our Products?

If we haven't answered them below please feel free to email us or call us at 604.815.7422
I bought a lip balm from you and it doesn't twist up?
Once in a while this happens and usually if you warm the lip balm by holding it in your hand or putting it in your pants pocket for about 20 minutes it will soften enough to catch and start twisting.  If this doesn't work please email us or call us at 604.815.7422 and we would be happy to replace it for you.
Why do you use Lye in your soap products?
​Soap is the result of a chemical reaction between lye, an alkaline, and fat, an acid.  The chemical reaction is called saponification.  Saponification takes about 48 hours to complete.  If the soap recipe is created with an excess of fat (oil) there will be no lye left after 48 hours.  We use a minimum of 5% excess fat in all of our bar soap recipes and they are cured for at least 4 weeks before we sell them.  This ensures that there is no lye in the finished soap and that it is hard and dry so that it will last you longer.
Why is your Laundry Detergent labeled as Soap?
Our Laundry Soap is made from soap not detergent.  The base is made from coconut oil soap.  It has borax in it which is a naturally occurring detergent, this helps to boost the cleaning power of the coconut oil soap. As this product is a soap it is best to follow the instructions on the label and not use more than is recommended. If you use too much you may find that there is a soap residue on your towels and tea towels. This will cause them to absorb less water.  If this happens you can run them through the wash with hot water to dissolve and wash away the residue.  Vinegar will also help, just run them through the wash with a cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle.
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