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Now, in the transition between Winter and Spring, this is often a vulnerable time of change for our bodies! In this class, you will learn and be reminded of the magnificent things that our bodies can do to keep us vital and what we can do to support these processes. Recipes made with herbs in the area, and food that can heal and strengthen all layers of ourselves will be discussed. You will gain knowledge of what the Immune System is and the right lifestyle choices to support it, as well as dig deeply into our ancestral philosophy and history of healing. We are Nature, We are not separate.


Cailin Blanchard is an aspiring healer, learning and living through the earth and its gifts. She’s taking courses to become a Holistic Therapist at Wild Rose College of Natural Healing, while gathering and sharing the wisdom that she’s learned from the plants. She is passionate about allowing the body to work as it wants to, listening to its inner power and knowing.


The cost for this workshop is $25 plus gst per person. Immunity boosting snacks will be provided.

6pm to 7:30pm

Pre registration and payment are necessary to attend our workshops. Register at least 3 days before the workshop and receive 10% off any herbs  that you purchase on the night of the workshop. All of our workshops include handouts with a recipe

There are only 12 spaces available for this workshop



The Gift of Immunity Workshop February 19th 2018

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