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Sound Bath Yoga Nidra Saturday November 16th 7:00 to 8:30pm


In this healing session we will guide you on a journey to your true self. Kirstin will guide your body and mind into a deeply restful Yoga Nidra, followed by a healing sound bath with singing bowls, drums, chimes and Savannas magical voice. We will end the session with tea and chocolate to help you come back to this world and into your body. 


Tickets are limited and will be $35 at the door if there is still room.


About Savanna ::

Born and blossomed on the North Shore of Vancouver, Savanna Alyce has forever been inspired by the mystical music of the sea, soil and sky. In her studies of classical music, sound healing, yoga and mantra, she has found a resting place for her passions. She has travelled the world, sharing her gift of song and harnessing the power of the voice to dissolve the individuation of Self into an experience of greater Oneness and connectivity.  

Sound Bath Yoga Nidra Saturday November 16th