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With Carolyn Green 


Sunday March 1st (Level 1) and April 19th (Level 2)

10:00am to 5:00pm


Reiki is a subtle and non-invasive energetic healing technique. It benefits your mind, emotions, body and spirit and is a great self healing tool. It is recognized in hospitals for pain relief and relaxation. Bring this beautiful technique in to your home (Level 1), then deeper in to your life and your community (Level 2).


Level One - learn about energy and how it effects our bodies and minds, and how reiki can bring relaxation and healing for yourself and loved ones. At this level you can volunteer to share this gift of relaxation and much more to anyone.


Level Two - learn more advanced reiki techniques to bring more power, healing, and connection with your practice. At this level you can become a reiki practitioner as a business if you choose or simply having these amazing tools to grow and develop.


You have instant access to bring relaxation when using Usui reiki on others. That is a powerful tool to have in times of body, mind and spirit health crisis.

Reiki is a tool to use when most of the westernized perspectives have given up or have gotten stuck. When we don’t know how to help others, relax and support them with this beautiful and gentle proven technique.

Reiki Level 1 & 2 Sunday March 1st & April 19th

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