Come together in community to create your own finger labyrinth to keep.

Wednesday October 2nd 6:00 to 8:30pm

The labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool commonly used for reflection, prayer and
meditation. Usually circular in shape, it has a meandering but purposeful path that leads
from the outside edge into a centre space and returns back out to the edge again.
Labyrinths have been used by humanity for more than 4000 years and are found in
distinct locations all over the Earth. Walking a labyrinth becomes a metaphor for our
journey through life with all the twists and turns we take along the way.
You will be guided in the painting of a 30cm x 30cm personal hand held finger labyrinth
with all materials provided. A short introduction and some historical back ground
information about the labyrinth will be given including two techniques to use while
walking for stress reduction, relaxation and or problem solving. Take home your unique
labyrinth and enjoy this transformational tool at any time.


About Virginia
Virginia first became aquainted with the labyrinth at a yoga retreat in 2000 and her path
has intertwined with it ever since. She gained certification as a labyrinth facilitator from
Veriditas the non profit international labyrinth organization in 2012. Virginia was
honoured to have shared the transformative power of the labyrinth by facilitating
labyrinth walks at a Toronto hospital for many years and serving as a committee member
for the Labyrinth Community Network of Ontario. She is thrilled to continue her life and
labyrinth journey here in Squamish and share with others what she believes to be is a
dynamic tool for the health of body, mind and spirit, and also for community building and
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Meditative Finger Labyrinth Workshop Wednesday October 2nd