Learn how to keep mason bees in this hands-on, informative workshop.

These gentle bees are low-maintenance super pollinators! Do your part to save the bees, while increasing fruit and veggie production in your garden.

Participants will learn about:
-The best types of mason bee houses, and the best place to install them
-How to care for your bees in spring and fall
-Mason bee lifecycle
-What to plant to support bees in your yard or garden

Bring your mason bee nest if you have one. Beginners welcome!

About the instructor: Michi Hunter from Green Bee Honey is a beekeeper, wild bee enthusiast, and educator. Her major at Quest University was environmental education with a focus on bees and restoration. She worked at the Simon Fraser University Bee Lab learning about wild and managed bee pollination on blueberry farms. She now shares her love of bees with the community through hands on workshops, talks, and tours for bee enthusiasts of all ages.

Hosted on unceded and occupied Coast Salish Territories, in particular the Squamish Nation.

6pm to 7pm


Spring Mason Bee Care Workshop April 24 2017