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Saturday November 2nd 10:00am to 1:00pm

Ayurvedic Walking Massage and Tri Dosha


with Corinne Donnelly

Come learn, practice and receive Ayurvedic Walking Massage:

A bone alignment system.

This practice incorporates sen lines from Thai massage, acupressure points, and skeletal alignment.


Next you will be guided through the Tri Dosha series. This is a practice of culturing our whole selves in asanas which create metaphysical impact on our beings, invoking a deep state of relaxation in our physical body. We relax the conscious mind, thus allowing the subconscious to express its innate wisdom and healing.


Sense your True Self.

$40 in advance/ $45 at door

Space is limited.

Ayurvedic Walking Massage & Tri Dosha Series Saturday November 2nd